Various Ways of Removing Tattoos

Thousands of individuals each year undergo tattoo removal procedures after eventually
regret having them. After the initial excitement and thrill, a large number of people realize
that they have committed a blunder and want the removing tattoos. Tattoo removal has now
become a million dollar business. There are various ways to get rid of tattoo. Some of the
tattoo removal techniques are:


The area to be treated is frozen and then the skin where the tattoo is located is rubbed or
scratched with a rotary abrasive brush or diamond fraise. It removes the top few layers of
skin and finally removing tattoos as the sanding goes deeper into the skin. The procedure is
very painful and often turns out to be ineffective as it causes the skin to bleed and may
leave a scar. There is always the risk of infection.


Salabrasion is a centuries-old technique. Anesthetic is used to numb the area to be treated.
Then salt-water solution is applied onto the tattoo. The area is then abraded with a tool
similar to what is used in the dermabrasion procedure. The method is effective only in the
case of superficial tattoos and requires multiple treatments. This technique is successful
only in fading the tattoo and not completely removing tattoos. Excision Anesthetic is
injected, and the tattoo is cut out of the skin using a scalpel. Thereafter the surrounding skin
is sewn back together. The procedure is ideal for smaller tattoos only. Though large tattoos
can also be removed but then skin grafts are often required for large tattoo removal. People
who undergo this procedure are extremely prone to infection and scarring. Cover-Ups In
this method, old tattoo is replaced by a new tattoo. Some people prefer covering-up of their
tattoo rather than removing tattoos completely as covering-up tattoo is comparatively less
painful, inexpensive and does not take several months to treat. Some skilled tattoo artists
even specialize in cover-ups and provide excellent results. However you have limited
options in cover-ups. The biggest disadvantage of this method is that cover-up tattoos can
be done only once. Tattoo Removal Creams is the most inexpensive way to removing
tattoos yourself. Market is flooded with several creams such as TatBGone and Tattoo-off
that claim to be effective in fading tattoos. There are claims that these creams may fade a
tattoo after a continuous use of several months but their success at removing tattoos
altogether is highly unlikely. Saline Tattooing In this procedure, tattoo artists fade a tattoo by
tattooing lidocaine and saline solution over unwanted tattoo. This is beneficial for older
tattoos. This process can just lighten the existing tattoo but cant remove it altogether. This
procedure is relatively harmless and cheaper. Though finding a tattoo artist to perform this
task is difficult.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is considered as the best method among all to get removing tattoos.
Although it is costly and requires multiple sessions, but at the end of the day it ensures that
the process is relatively painless and bloodless. In this procedure, targeted tattoo is
exposed to the intense pulses of light delivered by laser. This laser energy results in
destruction of the ink pigment while ensuring minimum damage to the surrounding skin.
The popularity of laser tattoo treatment is skyrocketing and lots of people are turning to this
reliable method of removing tattoos.